Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 Piece

Dark Chocolate Chain Link

2 Piece

Barn Red Italic

Copper X

New 1 Piece

Dark Chocolate Floral

Peacock Zig Zag

New Trinket Box- Hot Pink

Polk Dot and Diamond drawers
                                         Painted White

Simple frames

Simple wood frame
                                                                                                            Dark chocolate metal embossing

Christmas Magnets

New Item- Christmas Magnets
About the size of a quarter.
Either red, green or royal blue

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nesting boxes and frames

Set of 2 nesting boxes- Appletini

Set of 2 nesting boxes- Appletini

Set of 2 nesting boxes- Appletini

Set of 2 nesting boxes- Appletini


Christmas Ornaments

3 3/4" circular ornaments (1/2" thick)
Covered with metal embossing and resin to protect the color from scratching off.
Encircled with upholstery nails.

Your choice of color.
$8.00 each

New Stock

I started using a new resin for filling in the pieces- GORGEOUS!!! It doesn't affect the color of the metal and leaves pure color. Dries completely clear! I love it! Check out my new results!

Hot Pink Flower
Black Flourish SOLD
Black Fleur de Lis

2 piece Green Geometric Shapes

3 Piece Royal Blue Vertigo Spiral

4 Piece Barn Red (check out the difference
with the new resin!!!)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TAEA Conference- Austin, TX

I just got back from our annual TAEA conference in Austin, TX. Great weekend, lots of ideas and lots of fun!

Took a light painting class- WOW! Very cool! Check out the first results.